Types of Engineers

Mechanical Engineering - A Look into the Discipline and Profession

Mechanical engineers encompass a wide area of study, hence mechanical engineering is considered to be one of the broadest disciplines of engineering. Mechanical engineers design and build different kinds of tools and devices. They are knowledgeable in principles from fields such as physics, kinematics, mathematics and mechanics, among others. Through their background in these disciplines, they are able to analyze, research, and develop mechanical devices and prototypes.

The responsibilities of a mechanical engineer primarily consist of the following:

  • Create mechanical devices that will help solve a problem in focus.
  • Modify devices or equipment for improvements in reliability, economy and safety.
  • Design and test prototypes for mechanical devices.
  • Suggest modifications needed to be done after yielding results on prototype tests.
  • Monitor processes involved in the manufacturing of devices.
  • Communicate with clients, engineers and other professionals for the improvement or production of equipment.

The duties of the mechanical engineer aren’t limited to the aforementioned. Considering the wide area where their skills and abilities can be used in, there are a number of industries where their help are being sought in. For instance, their expertise can be applied in the development of complex equipment used in healthcare or for simple mundane devices such as door locks. Hence, they can be found working on many different areas where mechanical processes are present.

To pursue a job as a mechanical engineer, candidates must obtain a degree in mechanical engineering or other degrees in related engineering disciplines. For accredited mechanical engineering colleges, you can check the list generated from ABET’s (Accredited Board of Engineering and Technology, Inc.) website. Acquiring a program accredited by ABET can later help candidates when they begin to seek for jobs.

Mechanical engineers received an annual median pay of $78,160. This is equivalent to a rate of about $37.58 per hour. Moreover, an expected increase of 9 percent is expected for mechanical engineering jobs from the years. The job outlook can be affected by the type of industry that they work in, considering how mechanical engineers can work in a wide range of fields. Due to this, you can easily tell that mechanical engineers can be found working in a variety of locations and sectors. For instance, they work in research and development departments, government agencies and manufacturing plants. They can be seen doing their work in offices or they go to work sites from time to time to monitor problems or processes that require their presence. [1]

The work done by mechanical engineers are significant in many areas of technology and even in other fields of engineering. Without a doubt, these individuals have had a wide range of contributions to our society.

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